We consistently satisfy our customers.


Best In Class

We are certified to the National Bureau of Standards

The ability to consistently satisfy customers is not an accident. Each aspect of our business is subject to critical thinking and improvement. Our technical expertise provides a special advantage for customers, insuring a best in class method for the first production run. And with each repeat order, the process is refined. We use only state of the art equipment, and when necessary, develop special tooling for complex scenarios.

We have in-house inspection equipment certified to the National Bureau of Standards. More importantly, we know how to use it! Our team is adept at analyzing blueprint and engineering requirements as well as the application of geometric dimensional tolerance requirements (ANSI).


Perfect Parts and No Surprises

We deliver an exceptional manufacturing capability

That’s our promise, but we need your help to get there. During the quote phase we make every effort to fully understand your requirements before accepting an order. This is important work. We can’t deliver if we don’t know what you want. Creativity is crucial and we have institutionalized it as company policy. It makes our work enjoyable and the improved quality you receive is linked to new solutions.

We utilize Enterprise Resource Planning for total shop control and our quality system parallels ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.