Edge Finish

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Edge finish is important when determining your accuracy requirements, however, part configuration and material type will also influence the desired outcome. Utilizing proprietary tooling and process technologies, Applied WaterJet can maintain accuracies of + -.002 for some applications.

Edge Finish

WaterJet edges have a sandblast appearance that includes feed lines (process roughness). Applied WaterJet has 3 standard finishes for your approval. Selecting a “Rough” cut edge is generally less expensive, however, when requirements dictate, a smooth “Best” cut edge looks great and has improved accuracy.

Rough Rough

Surface finish: 500 RMS Dimensional accuracy: +- .025

Economy Economy

Surface finish: 250 RMS Dimensional accuracy: +- .010

Best Best

Surface finish: 125 RMS Dimensional accuracy: +-.005

Edge Corners

Where the cutting process enters and exits the material, the edge corner condition is near sharp. Customers can specify corner breaks as necessary.